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this weekend was so much fun on Friday i went with Allex erin and Alexia 2 see dodgeball and that was probably the best movie i have ever seen i like shit a brick watching it! Then when went 2 Erin's house 2 get our pool on and me and Allex so won! Then Allex and i went on a long run (as usual) and i almost died but then we went 2 Pei Wei so it was ALL good. Allex then spent the night and got up really early 4 some reason so that was kinda gay. But then Allex left and then my other Alex (Fazzari) (Lover) came over! Omg i had not talked 2 her in so long and seeing her i started 2 cry. haha and she knows it! Then we went 2 movie night and watched this weird movie but is was fun and i got 2 hang out with Sam so it was a great day. Today tho sucked cause i had 2 be @ church @ 8 so i was pissed about that but then me Cody and Trystin got 2 be cool and teach vacation bible school( aka boss kids around) so it was fun well i g2g peace mother brothers!
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