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you and me and the devil makes three

this week was kinda fun on tuesday i went 2 Alex's dad's funeral and it was great 2 learn about him he seemed like a nice man and he bought me a milkshake once so how great is that! On wednesday i got 2 go sell fire works with Will Erin Mike Trystin Gen Leah and Colin, and what is there 2 say about Colin he is such a goofball and i am glad we r friends we had a blast shopping in Albertson's since he was "gay" but we were married so we confused people haha it was great but that was a fun day. Last night i went and got my gutiar on and then met Allex @ the mall where we got awesome stuff and after that we ran 3 miles! ahhhh i don't like 2 run! haha so nothing really great has been happening i am going 2 have a few people over on the 4th and then cross country starts on Monday! ahhh this sux! haha well peace out mother pluckers!
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