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Welcome to the Love Shack!

These past couple days have been so much fun i don't even know where 2 begin! Well on Saturday was a TEC meeting and i got 2 hang out with Alex Fazz and Will so that was fun then Alex came over and we went shopping and shit so that was kinda cool. On Sunday that day was so much fun I went 2 church and hung out with Will and Gen yay! and then Allex and Chris came over and we had so much fun just acting dumb and we shot off fireworks and went swimming and that was a fricken blast! hehe Yesterday Alex Fazz came over again and we went 2 this stupid Crew meeting for our dear friends Will and Gen but it was boaring as hell but hety what can u do?! Then we went 2 Will's house and watched the Butterfly Effect and that was like the saddest movie i have EVER seen! It was really werid. Then this morning we all had 2 get up and collect rocks (don't ask) for this thing Will is doing and it was so hott! Me and Sean had fun tho. Speaking of Sean ..... Aka Girlie Man Jeans! haha i got 2 see him and i missed him more then n e thing even tho my nickname was Chubbs after some stripper (don't ask) but i love that kid so much! I also met this other kid James and he wa so fricken funny! But Random as hell but he is a pretty cool kid! So i had the best couple days ever! Hanging out with my church friends is better then n e thing! They r all so great and they fricken know it! o ya and i got 2 chill witth Leah 2! She is so awesome! O one last thing we were in this parking lot waiting 4 Debbie so we decided 2 start a nice spit ball fight with out stuff from McDonalds and i have never been more grossed out i had like spitballs in my hair! ewww but it was funny cause i got Gen and Will so bad! so that was fun! But i am going 2 go running (yes Justin, running) peace out mother blubbers!
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