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What do u want 2 do eraser head???

This weekend was fun i don't even remember what i did on friday but Saturday was a lot of fun i hung out with a bunch of people @ Chris's house! Erin then spent the night and we snuck out @ like 3 and t had 2 get up @ fricken 6:30 2 go 2 this church thing so i was s o fuckin tired it was so messed up! So i came home and went 2 bed and i just got up now! So ya so cool. I am going 2 see spiderman with my family tonight so we can "bond" ya how can u bond when all u r doing is staring @ a screen for 2 hours? Well i am not complaining i hate my family. N e ways i have go to go i will talk 2 you mother jumpers later!
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