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You have been eating food haven't you?!

These past couple days have been so funny! Erin,Chris and Ritter have been like living @ my house these past couple days i think erin and i have only been apart for a hour in a time of 3 days! haha Chris and Ritter ate EVERYTHING in my house so that kinda pisses me off but we swam and watched i love the 90's so how can u beat that?! Erin and i went 2 Cross Country last night and it was HELL!!! I have NEVER worked that hard in my entire life it sucked really bad we ran so far and then we did situps till erin and i almost died it was terrible! Nothing else has been going on i really miss Jen and Jenna i have not seen them in a while i also miss ALex Fazz and Will i won't see them for a while so that sux even more! I think i am haning out with Allex tommrow so that will be all good i miss that mo fo 2! Well i am going 2 go peace out mother fluffers!
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