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Burger King smells like BO

Well these past days have fuckin rocked i was in Atlanta with my friends Kelly and Andrew and boy did we paint the town red! We went 2 their 3 fricken story lake house and water skied and jet skied and went on a boat and swam it was so fun i am so bitchen @ the jet ski it's fun as hell! We all hung out went out 2 eat everyday and shopped and stuff it was so fun. I also got 2 meet all of Andrew's hot football friends! So that was cool. Now i am in Florida with my kick ass aunt she is the coolest person alive!We r actually going 2 go bowling soon and then she said she wants 2 take me 2 a bar where the play pool and stuff! (how cool is that?) so ya i am having a great time i also got 2 see all my cousins and they r pretty cool. Well i g2g peace out mother brothers!
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