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Rock my life bitches!

These last few days have been so cool. On Wednesday i spent the night @ allex's and then the next day we went 2 Mimi's cafe and then we went 2 the movie the notebook and it was sad and stuff but me allex and nick just sat there and made fun of it! It was a blast then i went home yay! Then on Friday i hung out @ my house then that night i went with Allex to see that movie Garden State and it was so good! I like fell in love with it. Then we went 2 Starbucks yay! Then Ritter and Chris stopped by 2 say hi so that cool. Saturday i went 2 Red lobster and did a little shopping. Alesha's party was last night and that was fun i think i fell in love there! no joke! but ya that was cool. So that leads me into today where i got up hella early to go 2 church! So fun stuff.
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