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School is in Session Ladies

School is so cool no joke! Except of the work involved but everything else is so much fun! I have classes with all my friends so i am never bored so that is tight! I have lunch with Jen and Clayton so it is so much fun we just laugh the entire time. All the people i met over the summer i keep seeing all over school and that is so cool so for once i don't feel like a dork! School is fuckin hard tho Foernsics is like hella hard that i almost want 2 drop put but i am going 2 try it 4 a little while but ya it does suck! Erin comes over every morning and after school so even tho i don't see her 2 much in the day but english i still see her plenty! haha! But today was picture day and i HATE picture day it just sux. But ya school is cool and me and erin and allex r going 2 the JV football game tommrow 2 see our men play haha erin! But ya it's almost me and Erin's b day so u better be nice 2 us! haha But i have go 2 get to homework! aka fun stuff so peace out!
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