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I have not written in this bitch in a while so let me get u updated cause i know yall care! Ne ways last weekend was so fun! Well kinda, Friday was @ least me Anthony, Erin and Nader went to the varsity away game @ some school that i forgot the name. N e ways it was really fun there were like 800 football guys there and then me and Erin we felt so out of place but o well shit happens. Saturday i had to go to a TEC meeting and it was ok but i don't think the poeple @ TEC like me ne more! I tis so sad going there now when i used 2 be like obseesed with it! But o well! After that i went 2 this sportsbar place with Roach and we watched this one game that i also forgot but her it was fun! And it was so cool i got 2 actually play football with Dimitri and Nader and it was so fun i scored 2 touchdowns! I was like fuck ya i am the only girl and i am so kicking ass now! Sunday i went 2 church and got starbucks and just hung out with Anthony but it was fun. Last night was the JV football game against Serria Vista and we kicked those mother fuckers asses! It was the best game ever! Nader score a awsome touchdown and i was like so proud of him and Crocker did so good i was like yay Crocker! Of course Roach did great r u kidding me he is like the best football player ever! When Erin and I went 2 the game yesterday we decided 2 get all decked out in school spirt stuff so i wore a shirt that said Roach and it sau Ritter and Nader on my arms and she had a shirt that said Crocker on it with Dimitri and Spencer on her arms! It was so funny! But i think the crowd hates us! There was like 20 of us and we were so annoying but do we give a shit..... NO! so it was all worth it! Well thanks 4 listening 2 me talk about my bitchen life! jk peace out mother brothers!
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