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I have soul but im not a soilder

When u have a journal u should talk cause if people r reading this they must be bored so for UR enjoyment i am just going 2 talk about some things that have been going on latley! Lucky u! Well if u know me u know i have been talking non stop about Homecomming it was just so much i think i became so close 2 everyone in that group we just had a blast! I go 2 EVERY JV football game! They r so much fun i get 2 watch the hottest player ROACH! Chris is such a football player i seriously think he is going 2 make it in the NFL and when he does i get 2 stay in his guest house! haha even tho Jordan pisses me off so much i love watching him play. I think he goes out and gives a 100% for Erin and i think it is so sweet.Kaylin was moves up 2 Varsity cause he kicks ass and i am always scared 2 watch the varsity games because i am afraid he is going 2 get hurt cause he is so small! but he kicks ass! I would not be anything tho with out my cheering crew and neither would the team we cheer so much i think we make them play better cause we r so friggen loud! Jen, Erin, Allex, Becca, Kaity, Roz! Omg speaking of Charisse she's here and hott as freak! She's putting a as out that she is now single and looking so it's a guy's lucky day!!! Ne ways Jen is my lover and i love her! haha She cracks me up so much her and Clayton got me a fish named Feenie for my birthday! I was like freaking out it was so cool. Jen and i r going 2 get married for sure she is like the coolest girl ever i really do love her. Me and Allex and Erin have all been connected @ the hips we r like always together and it could not be n e better. Me and Erin eat like everything everyday cause i am with her from 6:30am till like 9:00pm on most days! I am with her more then i am with my family! Not that i am complaing i hate my family! haha I am going out of town next week for like 4 days and i am going 2 miss everyone so much i really don't want 2 go. I have not been apart from Roach for more then like 12 hours and it's going 2 be freaking hard. Same with Erin, FREAK MAN! Crap then theres TEC and ya don't want 2 go 2 that i am going 2 miss so much that weekend thank god i will be home 4 halloween cause normally im not! Hopefully TEC won't be 2 bad. But's that's about it nothing 2 great going on in my life but everyhitng seems 2 be going ok! We just had a huge drama front but i think it blew over so hopefully it will stay that way cause i hate DRAMA! grrr well thanks for listening me babble about my firends and life please come again! Peace
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