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jesus is the answer to EVERYTHING!

hey yall! This last week has been crazy but a good crazy i went to my second TEC last weekend and i have got 2 say i had a friggen blast! I went there with a fear things would not be the same cause everyone has so much history with each other now. Boy was i wrong everyone was so way cool! I hung out with the Fazz and Thayer, Sean, Will, Colin, Sam, Britney, Stephanie, Creed! We had so much fun u have no idea! Fetch ya man! Well TEC ended (sadly) on Haloween night and Roach came over and we went and saw Team America and it was way funny but kinda dumb. I mean i should have known that going into a movie about pupets!! haha Monday no one was home so me and Roach just hung out and watched movies all day. It was fun! Then it was back to school Tuesday and man did that suck! We actually went to basketball and it was actually fun but i got beat up pretty badly! But o well i will get over it! Jen made me crack up most practice so it was all good! We ditched basketball yesterday and walked 2 my house where me jen and erin just stuffed our fat faces! We made Roach's sadies thing, ok this is what i did it was way funny... We wrote on a poster
"i would be overflowed with joy if u went to sadies with me" and then i decorated a plunger and put Almosd joys all over his car it was so funny! Guess what he said YES! haha duh! Then today @ school nothing really happened me and erin got in trouble in english a lot! haha what else is new!? I went to the mall really fast with erin and Josh and we looked like such dorks there! haha Then Roach came over but then he had 2 leave caue he's playing in the VARSITY game tonight @ Vegas. Erin is going to pick me up soon where we will drive over there to watch our sexy boyfriends play football! haha erin! I hope Roz is there! i have not talked 2 that son of a monk in so long! haha Well that's about it tommmrow i have basketball then i think me erin jordan and roach r going 2 the movies tommrow but im not sure! SO ya that's it! have a great weekend everyone!
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