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You mom goes to college!

Holy Moly i forgot i had this thing! I guess the "cool new thing" is having a myspace so i forgot about this! Probably no one reads this ne ways so it's cool! Wow I seriously don't know where 2 begin. How about the TEC reunion. Well that shit was fun. I mean who doesn't want 2 go bowling with hot people? So ya that's what we did and it rocked i got 2 hang out with Fazz and Sean. Hmmmmmm I really can't think.... I don't know school is going ok! Man there is drama and like this is X core drama! haha Don't ask. Me and Erin are still best friggen friends we hang out EVERY friggen day except when she went 2 Hawaii and became a tan sank! Jen and Clayton are still together well DUH! They will get married dang u CLayton! Yep same old same old i still have shitty grades and i should be doing my homework now but am I? ..... NO! I really miss all my friends that go 2 Coronado i never get 2 see n e of them they r so friggen cool! Yea now instead of football games i have been going 2 baseball games to watch Roach pitch. And if u were wondering... cha it's hot when he pitches! haha so ya nothing new maybe i will write again in here in like 3 month or something! Late mothers!
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