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My life Fuckin Rocks i have not been bored one day this week! On Thursday i went 2 my best firend's house Alex Fazzari and we went 2 the Strip with her Sister and her friend Amanda i had so much fun it's not even funny and we did'nt even do n e thing we just drove around with music blasting and making fun of people on the strip! I mean can it get n e better then that?! Then i spent the night @ her house and we just hung out and watced Romeo ond Juliet and if u know me @ all u would know that is like my most favorite thing in the world! Then on Friday Chris and i hung out till like 2 am doing nothing @ all. Saturday was fun i had a little shindig with out the folks (if u know what i mean) we got a little tipsy no names tho (ERIN) Demitri got so wasted it was so funny he was like singing songs and then he would just like fall asleep it was so funny! On Sunday was kinda gay i had 2 wake up @ like 6 to go 2 church so tha t kinda pissed me off but it was cool cause I went bowling with my long time friend Gavin and the we ate burritos so it was cool. I came back that night 2 find Ritter Chris Josh and Demtri in front of my house "can we go swimming" so they stupid bitches pushed me and the pool and then swam till 11 but hey it was fun. Yesteday was funny as hell cause idu did'nt know Erin and I were doing Cross Counrty and we were running and we ran like past my house and r like seriously fuck this we quit so we quit right on the spot (sorry Chelsea) we hated it tho so now we r free! yay! After we (ran) Chris Ritter Spencer and Josh came over and we swam and hung out and stuff so that was cool. And now Alex Fazzari is comming over n e second now 2 spend the night cause i am leaving on thursday for like 3 weeks! i know yall r going 2 miss me but u will get over it! Well peace out mother jumpers
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